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Case Study – Risk Based Validation for Veeva CRM

Client: Leading cloud computing company specializing in industry-specific software solutions for Life Sciences companies, USA

ChallengesOur SolutionValue Delivered
1. Operational Qualification and Regression Testing for Major Releases

2. Defects and Patch Testing for Minor Releases

3. Hot Fix Testing GxP Modules in Scope:

4. Call Sampling

5. Signature Requests

6. Sample Restriction

7. State Distributor Licensing

8. Prevent Negative Sample Inventory

9. Medical Inquiry

10. Sample Management

11. Product, Lot and Account Management
1. Aligned with Veeva Program Manager on Scope/Strategy, Timelines, Approvals, Day-toDay Reporting, and Reviews.

2. Liaised with Business Analysts (Veeva Product SMEs) for Requirement Understanding, Test Script Reviews, and Bug Reporting.

3. Designed, Conducted Dry Runs, and Formally Executed the Testing Process.”
1. Validation Resources Learned Application On the Job with Quick Turnaround.

2. Invested 500+ Hours per Release in Validation Efforts.

3. Authored 30+ Test Scripts Across 2 Releases.

4. Executed 40+ Test Scripts Across 2 Releases.

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