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Driving Innovation

Meet Our Leadership Team

At RxCloud, we believe that expertise matters. Our core team, having 1000+ years of cumulative life science, experience demonstrates what we are built of. Our highly qualified auditors and industry professionals, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, with a global presence and a deep understanding of regulatory requirements, uniquely position us to guide our clients through the complexities of regulatory requirements.

This is what we do: embrace cutting-edge technologies, methodologies, and strategies to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and value for our clients.​

vegesna department director

Arjun Vegesna



Angela Dunston

Advisory Board - Manufacturing Quality Assurance

Donata pezzuto

Donata Pezzuto

Advisory Board - Clinical Quality Assurance

Navarasu Dhanasekar

 Navarasu Dhanasekar

Advisory Board - Security and Compliance

Bais department director

Ashish Bais

VP - Finance

Ratnja thummala

Ratna Thummala

Director - Audit Services

Vanmeeganathan Balakrishnan Director CSV

Vanmeeganathan Balakrishnan

Director - Computer System Validation Services

Natarajan subramani department director

Nataraj Subramani

Director - Quality Engineering Services

Niche Boutique Firm Focusing on Quality and Compliance Through Innovation

Nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, where innovation flourishes and dreams take flight, a collective group of industry experts converged in 2020. Fueled by a shared passion for revolutionizing technology's role in Life Sciences, RxCloud was born. Our founders, possessing diverse expertise spanning pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical devices, united around a singular mission: to empower Life Science companies with cutting-edge quality and compliance
IT solutions.

Focusing all aspects
EPIC Cycle

Our Core Values

Embodied by the EPIC ideals - Empowerment, People First, Integrity, and Culture, our core values serve as the guiding principles that shape every aspect of our organization while creating a meaningful impact in the Life Sciences space.

Empowerment: We empower our team to innovate and excel, fostering an environment where every voice is valued and every idea has the opportunity to thrive.

People First: By placing people at the forefront, we cultivate strong relationships built on trust, respect, and collaboration.

Integrity: We conduct business with honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct, earning the trust and confidence of our stakeholders.

Culture: We celebrate successes and embrace challenges together, creating a positive and supportive work environment.

Leading the Charge in Quality, Compliance, and Innovation for Life Sciences

Aligning with our mission statement, our goal is to be your trusted partner, driven by innovation, agility, and a bold, client-centric ethos. Our commitment to excellence goes hand in hand with our distinctiveness in providing cost-effective, rapid solutions. We don't just meet your business needs and requirements; we surpass them, taking independent governance of projects while offering expertise and streamlined solutions.

By immersing ourselves in the lifescience landscape and understanding the need of the hour, we've developed innovative, in-house solutions that tackle industry challenges head-on. As our client, you will not only benefit from our expertise but also experience premium solutions at a significantly reduced cost thus ensuring you get the best of both worlds.

Pioneering a Future of Integrated Innovation and Compliance in Life Sciences

At RxCloud, we measure our success by the tangible results we deliver for our clients. As we look to the future, our goal is clear: to be the industry leader in comprehensive quality assurance and compliance partner for Life Sciences companies around the world.

Milestones of Company’s Success

In the heart of our startup journey lies a story of passion, growth, and relentless innovation. With each passing year, our goal has always been the same - expand our horizons, deepen our expertise, and amplify our impact in the Life Sciences industry.

Our Vision Materializes : The company’s foundational idea takes shape, leading to its successful incorporation in California, USA.
Veeva Capability : Built robust test automation framework for Veeva’s Vault suite of applications.

India Expansion : Successfully expanded operations into India.
First Fortune 500 Achievement : Established relationship with key life science industry players and secured projects with Fortune 500 companies.

Canada Expansion : Incubated our Canada operations while also expanding our India and USA footprint.
Elite Clientele : Proudly served 5+ Fortune 500 companies, showcasing our ability to cater to top-tier clients.
Growth: First milestone of 25 employees .
Project Success: Successfully executed over 20 high-value projects, demonstrating our expertise and capability.

Breakthrough Expansion : First milestone project of GxP audits as a service delivered across (GMP, GLP, GCP, SaaS) 22 countries for one of the largest Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) worldwide, solidifying our proficiency and reliability.
Chennai ODC : Second development centre opened in Chennai, India, enhancing our operational capabilities and client service.

Quality Certification : Achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification, underscoring our commitment to maintaining high-quality standards.

Expert Perspectives: Insights from Industry Leaders

Explore real-life success stories and case studies of how RxCloud is making a difference in the life science industry, from innovative solutions to impactful partnerships.

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