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Case Study – Performance Engineering As A Service

Client: Leading Clinical Research Organization, North Carolina, USA

ChallengesOur Solution
Value Delivered
1. Performance and Capacity Evaluation for customer consent applications deployed in clinical trial management

2. Short Testing Window

3. Lack of In -House Performance Testing Tool

4. Geographically Distributed Users
1. Performance Testing as a Service – Tool Framework and Platform, Script Maintenance

2. Custom and Adhoc Executions: Evaluating multi – site rollouts targeting diverse user bases.

3. End -to -End User Experience Measurement: Assessing user experiences from different geographical locations.

4. Executions Across Overlapping Time Zones: Simulating real user conditions.

5. Dependency Elimination: Reducing reliance on resources and technical expertise for test executions.
1. 55% Savings in Initial Performance Test Scripting Turnaround

2. 70% Ongoing Maintenance Cost Savings through ad – hoc pay -as -you -go execution schedules aligned with site rollouts.

3. Early Defect Detection and resolving them before the app release to users.

4. 90% Reduction in Testing Cycle Setup and Execution – 3 weeks to 5 days.

5. 100% Reduction in CAPEXCosts

6. No Infrastructure and Tool MaintenanceOverhead Costs

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